What about the phablets?

Brad Frost gave a talk on the principles of adaptive design at SXSW in Austin this year. He called it “Beyond Squishy”. Ethan Marcotte wrote a book and started the term Responsive Web Design in 2011. Since then we have all been trying to define the term, work with it, against it, and find new more suitable ones, such as adaptive design. However, it seems as though the term Responsive web design has settled now as the umbrella term for everything that has to do with one web page or code, on many screen sizes. It’s all about COPE, code once, publish everywhere.

Image from www.abookapart.com

In the beginning we were all very concerned about where people were when they used our web page, or a certain device. The mobile user was typically on their way somewhere, busy and checking the news on the bus. Then the tablet came along, and we made cozy couch modes to our designs, as people probably were laying down or sitting with tablets on their laps in comfy chairs. The truth today, according to Brad Frost, is that people can by anywhere, doing all sorts of stuff, on the couch, riding a bus, at work, in elevators ,on airplanes, surfing in bed, riding a bike. 39% even admits using their phones on the toilet, the real number is probably much higher… Continue reading

“Shots of Philosophical Espresso”

Jason Silva is a a filmmaker and philosopher, and I was so lucky to catch his talk “Technology, Imagination & Exponential Thinking”, at this years SXSW. I have to say that he blew me away with his energy and imagination, he  really is a visionary. He has made a series of short films concerning the human mind and technology, all of which you can find on his vimeo page. Everything he says and does is high energy. My brain, eyes, and ears all had to be on their toes to be able to follow him. It was exciting and exhausting at the same time, but I left feeling invigorated somehow. It’s just always very inspiring to see someone so passionate about what they do.

Everything he makes, he puts online, for everyone to watch and share (“Educational purposes only”). He likes to keep things short, to keep peoples attention, so every film is 1,5 to 2 min long only. As he so rightfully points out, attention is the new oil, the limited resource we are all fighting for. He calls his films “Shots of philosophical espresso”, a perfect description. His latest video “The Mirroring Mind”, premiered during the talk, and is just as high speed and wild as his previous films. See for yourselves…

THE MIRRORING MIND – by @JasonSilva from Jason Silva on Vimeo.

My favorite of his films though is “Radical Openness” where he talks about how the “imaginary foundation tells us that what imagination does is that it allows us to conceive of delightful future possibilities, pick the most amazing one and pull the present forward to meet it.” He made this for TED Global 2012.  Continue reading

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An hour with Tim Berners-Lee

I spent an hour in the same room as Sir Tim Berners-Lee today. The man who in 1989, invented the world wide web. The sxsw-host introduced him saying how grateful we all should be that Tim Berners-Lee didn’t include two letters to his work, TM. The whole auditorium clapped and laughed. I can’t even imagine what the world would look like today, if he had trademarked the web. On the other hand, HTML had to be made by someone open and generous with his knowledge, as this is the whole idea behind it.


Sir Tim Berners-Lee at SXSW2013. Photo by Elisabeth Svendby

Throughout the whole session, he talked about being generous, sharing information, making things that others can use. He pointed out that HTML was made to be used anywhere, and thats how we should think in our own work. The internet is for everyone!

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Getting ready for SXSW

March is here! In two days, I am on my way to Austin, the technology (or was it music?) capital of the universe. It’s been three years since I was there last, and apparently it has become even bigger.

Meet Yao Xiao, the SXSW Interactive 20th Anniversary Timeline Artist

Meet Yao Xiao, the SXSW Interactive 20th Anniversary Timeline Artist

Last time I was there I didn’t get in to some of the stuff I had been looking forward to for weeks. Although I left the previous session right away, rushed to the next one, there was already a line of 100 people… Continue reading

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Info-gjemsel på iPad

Hei alle iPad-designere i mediehus verden over. Hvorfor er dere så ivrige til å finne smarte måter å gjemme informasjon fra brukerne på? Er det fordi dere er gira på å finne den beste måten å vise fram gjemt info? Ikoner med en finger, hjul, prikker og piler må være kjedelig å fikle med i lengden.

Da WIRED Magazine kom med sin tidlige iPad-utgave var dette noe av det mest revolusjonerende, måten de hadde haugevis av innhold i bildeserier og skjulte bokser bak små ikoner. Jeg var derimot sikker på at dette ville gå over. Jeg tok feil. Continue reading

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En kald dag for polaroid

En kald dag i november var jeg ute og tok bilder med min nye speilrefleks. I veska lå også mitt gamle Polaroidkamera, med 5 bilder igjen.

I god tro knipset jeg et selvportrett i Torshovdalen, og ventet i spenning med frosne fingre på at magien skulle skje. Men det ble LILLA. Jeg tok en til, og det ble også lilla.

Greit tenker jeg, den filmen har gått ut på dato for et år siden, så det er vel derfor. Jeg skulle ikke spart på den.

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